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OnePlus 8 Pro Relevant sheets and listings are not often enough to get a taste for the goodness of a phone. In this round of activities, we look at the very best — you can’t do wrong with Android phones in 2020. We choose based on an internal evaluation mix and subjective analysis. Here are the latest Android phones without further delay!

Why you should buy

  • High-end hardware
  • Improved cameras
  • Flagship features
  • Carrier availability

Why you should pass

  • More expensive than ever

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What makes it “the best”

One of Android’s greatest value sequence with affordable price tags and a huge improvement in total features and efficiency.

OnePlus has been gone for breakage. It made killer flagships instead of adding new flagship killers to the market. Thanks to several specifications, the OnePlus 8 Pro is a great product. The metal and glass architecture is sophisticated and the Snapdragon 865 processor ensures that all the apps you can put on the system are powerful.

The camera system is capable of being the most OnePlus capable of everything. It’s not as big as Google Pixel 5, but the camera’s near the S20 and V60. The life of the battery on the phone is fine. The OnePlus 8 Pro uses wireless charging for the first time when it comes to the battery. The handset is water-resistant as well.

However, these features boosted the price a little comparison with past generations. The OnePlus 8 Pro was started at $899 where OnePlus 7T Series is priced in the $600 to $800 range. No more bargain flagship, but still flagship.

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