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How to Delete Downloads in an Android TV Box (2 Methods)

How to Delete Downloads in an Android TV Box How can you spend room on your Android TV Box when hot-off-the-fire movies, songs, and games come out and you’re in full storage?

Today the technology is so advanced that anything you are “connected to” is feasible. You can also turn your old-fashioned TV into a smart TV. Just an HDMI or USB port is required.

Watch your home safely with the new cinema. Often watch your favorite television shows or hear Youtube’s top lists. You can also search your social media pages with the TV. What you need to do is connect an Android TV box and tell you’re good old cable TV right away.

Boxes for Android TV are multifunctional. However, this flexibility helps to regenerate the storage of your TV box. 

When a computer is connected to the internet, caches and other data are saved in the external files that are usual. This adds up and could block the storage of your computer, but can be quickly cleared. 

There are some that choose to download, while some of us enjoy videos, excerpts and songs. You may have downloaded a movie that you won’t see again, a song you’ll still miss in the queue, or any other files you’ve actually forgotten you’ve downloaded. But it’s still there, consuming space

Did you know that an average video uses up to 4GB of storage while a 128kbps album will use 1MB storage per minute? These downloads will take up the most space on your TV box and files like these make your Android TV box sluggish and ‘laggy’. One way to retain your device’s capacity is by freeing up precious storage spaces on your Android TV Box.

The methods below will help you uninstall downloaded files on your Android TV Box.

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Method 1: Deleting Downloaded Files

Download these files in the download folder if you have not downloaded files that are on the Google Play Store such as mp3/mp4, WMV, apk, pictures, and likes.

You should take the steps below to uninstall these downloaded files from your Android TV Package. Remember, depending on your TV set, the steps can differ. I use Klasse. I use Klasse.

On my device, the steps would be as follows:

1. On the Home Screen, select Settings

2. On the Settings, click Storage.

3. Click Downloads

All your downloaded files will appear on the screen. Select the files that you want to delete then press the trash icon.

For other Android TV boxes, the below steps could help:

1. On your Home Screen, select Settings

2. On the Settings window, scroll to find the folder named File Browser. On other Android TV Boxes, the File Browser folder might be accessible on the Home Screen already.

3. Launch the File Browser and select Local Disk.

4. Launch the Local Disk folder and scroll down to the Download folder.

5. Click the Download Folder. You will find all your downloaded files there.

6. You may or may not want to delete everything on the Download Folder. You can either select all or select specific files that you want to delete. Click the Select icon to tick the files of your choice.

7. Look for the icon with a pen on top of the screen. It would usually be beside the Select icon. Click it, then click Delete.

8. If you have moved your files from Downloads to another folder, scroll to find that same folder on the Local Disk. Open that folder and delete the downloads.

The key idea is to find the folder for uploading on your Android TV box. You can pick and uninstall the files from there.

Method 2: Deleting Downloaded Apps

You should take these measures if you are interested in removing applications you downloaded from the Google Playstore.

1. On your Home Screen, launch Settings.

2. Click Apps.

Select the application that you want to remove. Select Uninstall then select OK.

These steps will also work if you have installed a program and want to uninstall it.

Towards you

In all Android devices, whether it’s a TV set, a cell phone, or a smartphone, storage capacity is key. It would not only allow you to store more files, but it will make your computer run better if you clean up your caches, junk files, or downloads that you do not need.

Have you ever experienced an issue that would not encourage your Android TV to download or install anything because it’s ‘full?’ Will you have other ways of sharing? Please share them in the following comment thread.

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