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How To Access Blocked Website On Your Android -Without VPN

Method 1: Use short link of sites

How To Blocked Website On Your Android This is an extremely simple and efficient way of unblocking any site. In nearly every case it works. There are different sites like Bitly, TinyURL, and goo.gl, which freely shorten the URL.

Just copy the site adress and paste it into the area of the sites you want to unblock. It gives you the shortened URL version and this address can be used to circumvent the blocked page.

Method 2: Tether to your phone

You can choose this solution if you use a quality data plan on your phone. This method allows you to easily read content or view videos from blocked websites at a slower speed.

You will find an option known as “Wireless & Networks” under “Settings” of your device. Choose the option to switch to ‘Mobile network sharing,’ and then tap the ‘Portable Wi-Fi hotspot’ button to a new window. Now on your system, you can use it as Wi-Fi.

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Method 3: Use HTTPs

HTTPs are secured links that are verified using SSL certificate. It allows to conveniently avoid the blocked location, in addition to its protection features. Most organisation, leaving secure connection port 443, blocks the most common port 80 (endpoint for HTTP).

Method 4: Use translator Translator

The main purpose of the blocked sites may be to translate the text from one language to another. Open translator services, such as Google Translate or Microsoft Translator, then copy your blocked site address. The URL will be translated into a preferred language and the relation if present will also be given. However, in all situations, this approach can not operate.

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