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Surfing in public?Please try a new VPN service for Google

Surfing in public?Please try a new VPN service for Google Remote or self-employed people in recent years have become very popular. They will go to the local coffee shop for workers with poor connectivity in the home to do some work – or maybe just change the scene.

Coffee shops have provided their employers with internet connections, usually free. The free internet is attractive, but those keen coffee drinkers may not realize that they are at a threat to cyber security.

Cyber attackers are now targeting those who are inclined to connect in coffee shops and other places with unsecured Wi-Fi networks. Users naively enter their credit card and other personal information without losing sight of the attackers.

So you may want to test Google’s new Virtual Private Network (VPN) directly integrated with Google One services if it frequentes cafés and surfing the web.

Google offers VPN service to desktops and phones

The technology giant only provides a VPN service to customers on the 2TB Google One plan.

You can get an additional security layer on your Android phone or laptop at just $9.99 per month. For all applications and browsers, this service encrypts online traffic.

By activating the VPN service, it will prevent hackers, when connected to a public network, from seeing their sensitive information.

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Google is announcing it will ship 2TB Google One cloud storage subscribers in the United States free of charge with an Android-based VPN. Furthermore, in the next months this service will be expanded to Windows, iOS and Mac in other countries.

A similar feature is offered by Google Fi – the virtual network mobile operator of the company. But the Fi always-on VPN protection is only available for Android-subscribed smartphones.

Unprotected hotspots are vulnerable to hackers who steal personal data via the network. Data ranges from passwords to personal data, including financial information, via IP and visited websites. These assailants can easily intercept a network.

Turn on Google’s VPN service on your smartphone

You will have to use a Google One 2TB plan that costs $9.99 a month, $99 a year if you want to take advantage of Google’s VPN service. It’s not free, but paying for a protected network is a small price.

The following GIF shows how the feature is activated:

Google announced back in August that it’s starting to freely back up your Android or iOS phones. In 2018, its prices have also fallen. This new VPN service is only the latest way for the company to enhance its clients’ cloud storage.

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