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Signal vs WhatsApp vs Telegram

Signal vs Whatsapp vs Telegram Let’s look at what Signal is first. Signal Messenger is an open-source encrypted message program, developed by Moxie Marlinspike and Brian Acton under Signal Foundation in 2018. The goal of the Fund is to give its users a robust encrypted application that prioritizes user privacy, like the title, “Hello to privacy.” The application can be downloaded on Android, IOS, Windows, Mac and Linux.

Indeed, three years after Facebook acquired WhatsApp for 19 billion dollars, Brian Acton was a WhatsApp co-founder and left in 2017. He eventually contributed $50 million to support Signal. Even WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption protocol from Signal.

Now that you’re conscious of Signal enough, is that worth trying? Does Signal actually follow the privacy criteria of the customer as famous celebrities suggest it? Comparing it with WhatsApp and Telegram, the social network giant. See who wins.

Encryption (Signal Emerges Victorious)

Encryption is termed end-to-end encryption, so that only the receiver can decode it. Standard SMS messages are not secured and can be intercepted vulnerably.


The signals software is encrypted end-to-end so the app does not have access to chat, media and files on a private basis. So what’s going on in Signal remains in Signal.


WhatsApp also offers end-to-end security, but it has access to sensitive information. Sadly. It includes any of the chats that are not yet encrypted in the cloud of the program.


Just confidential chat plus all calls is encrypted by Telegram. For enhanced protection, you should mark your chats as hidden chats.

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Chat Backups (Signal Again)


Chats of no sort, private or community, are stored in Signal. Both chats can be found on the application only locally. Only unlisted messages can be saved on the computer before the computers are back online.


WhatsApp notes that it normally does not store the messages on its computer, but only whether they are unloaded or transmitted in the media. There is also access to all private information, such as IP address, pages, group data, status, etc. It also helps you in Google Drive or iCloud to back up your chats.


Telegram server stores notes, images, videos and documentation for easier mobile connectivity without the need of third-party back ups.

File Sharing (Telegram Wins This)


You can share up to 100MB of all file types on Signal


Photos, videos and audio files of up to 16 MB can be exchanged with documents up to 100 MB.


Sharing of files up to 2 GB

Group Chat And Group Video Calls (WhatsApp and Telegram Share The Honors)


No more than 150 participants are eligible to enter a party and make group video calls with eight people


Because of up to 256 people, community video may be made up of 8 individuals


Offers community chats of 200,000, allows one-on-one phone calls, and does not call video groups

Other Features

Signal Signal

In comparison to WhatsApp, a single member group for notes does not have to be formed. For this reason, Signal has a ‘Note to Self.’


Other functions are status alerts, posting of live location


Help you build networks where you can deliver tweets, such as quizzes, polling, bots, and hashtags, to a wide public.

The Judgement

Signal is the clear winner of all networking networks when it comes to anonymity. If you are worried about more functionality, such as file sharing, group chat with wide audiences, more data sharing and encryption, telegram is the right application for you. You will definitely stick with it if you are all right when your data is shared with third-party users and happy with the WhatsApp functionality.

I hope you can select which program to use for your chatting needs in this messaging guide. Please leave the comments below if you have any concerns or if I missed something. Joy! Joy!

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