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Top 5 Best VPN’s Were you aware that Canada has some of Western’s most stringent cybersecurity laws? His government has some far-reaching powers in terms of laws in its attempt to keep the country safe and free from terrorism. The argument is that residents and tourists may feel that their privacy rights have been violated. A VPN is able to help hold the latter.

Most of the top providers have domestic servers, so what is Canada’s best vpn for you? We’re here to support you with the decision. Below is a list of the top five choices, followed by some pointers to pick and what the app can be used for.


  • Broad server coverage
  • Great mobile apps
  • Super helpful customer support
  • Unlocks loads of sites and services
  • Bit more expensive than others

Keeps hundreds of servers spanning three sites across Canada. Our tests show the high level of efficiency of this provider, with consistent speeds very close to what we usually would see without a VPN – and that they only get faster while the proprietary Express Lightway protocol is still rolling out.

All key devices and platforms have multiple native applications. In particular, mobile consumers are some of the best in the industry, designed for speed and ease of use. In security terms, it naturally provides 256-bit encryption in the industry norm, and protection requires that traffic data or other online activity is not logged.

However, the best way to download and use ExpressVPN is to forget all the specifications and protocols that are provided. This provider makes a potentially intimidating piece of software a doddle to use on your screen, mobile device and streaming device. And if you get caught up in knots, your great live chat aid 24 hours a day comes in no time to save you.

The 30-day 100% cashback guarantee includes all subscriptions. The 1-year subscription is by far the best price out of the three plans on offer, particularly when you consider Tecradar readers’ special offer…


  • One of the cheapest premium VPNs
  • One sub covers unlimited devices
  • Friendly interface and apps
  • Lacking a little when it comes to privacy details

Let’s be honest… Let’s be honest… It’s the pricing of Surfshark that makes the whole crowd very distinct. If you are prepared to spend two years with the same VPN provider, nobody can raise the prices provided by Surfshark.

But don’t think that for a second, you’re going to have a lower operation. Approx. 100 servers in three different city locations north of the border, helpful 24/7 live chat assistance, a wide selection of protocols (including the super-speed WireGuard) and the possibility to quickly open content from the international TV streaming catalogs, including Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and Disney+, make browsing on your Canada VPN the most challenging.

We really like Surfshark for how open it is, as well as the pricing. The updates have been direct, easy and straightforward from the landing page on their website during the installation and then when you actually come to use them. And it is also able to use your VPN on the same number of devices that you choose (you might want to give your login details to family members).


IPVanish alone has over 30 server locations in Canada, with more than 800 servers in the USA, and there is no shortage here.

  • Excellent desktop clients
  • Feature-rich
  • Another covering unlimited devices
  • The odd mobile app niggle
  • No-logging policy not audited

The app customers are very impressive and intuitive, with simple and advanced choices right for new and seasoned users. If we’re quibbling, the Android and iOS apps will welcome change, but they’re a long way from being bad.

When we tested the service, the speed of download was substantially higher than our normal rates, making it ideal for torrents. There are support for OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, IKEv2 protocols and no internet logging.

Foreign catalogs of Netflix and Hulu are conveniently unblocked from and across the frontier. Just a shame British TV viewers can’t tell BBC’s iPlayer the same thing. IPVanish pricing has changed really lately – it’s one of the best, too, whether you’re one month away from the price or you go all out on an annual plan and realize that if you’re not going on with it, there is a moneyback guarantee of 30 days.

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  • Double data encryption
  • Huge selection of servers
  • Easy to use
  • Mobile apps are a bit fiddly

If you are concerned with stability, NordVPN is a great option. The ‘Double VPN’ feature from NordVPN sends users’ Internet activities through two VPN servers.

The service also provides features such as encrypted traffic via the Tor network, encrypted chats, additional dedicated IPs and a ‘zero record’ policy, which PricewaterhouseCoopers has audited. All is very spectacular from the game’s most renowned label.

Coverages for Canada are strong with over 400 local servers and another 1,700 are located south of the border, most of them P2P-friendly. The customer is quick and easy and the efficiency is outstanding.

The NordVPN’s monthly plan is an attractive VPN, with a 30-day cash back guarantee. If you are looking for something longer-term, the limited multi-annual plan provides great savings.

Hotspot Shield

  • Fast download speeds
  • Nice and straight
  • forward UX
  • Long trial period
  • Limited configurability

Hotspot Shield provides dazzling speeds on servers in Canada and the US. In the tests we found that our latency was all higher than the usual VPN rates, and that upload and download rates were very impressive. Yes, this provider is the fastest VPN on our list.

Customers can be used quickly (although note that you can only use Hotspot where there are dedicated apps available – no workaround available here). Hotspot Shield provides a few extra features on the security front, including private browsing and change of virtual venue.

Hotspot has also recently really upgraded its streaming game. This VPN will help you access Netflix content if you are north of the border trying to stream Netflix content only accessible on Netflix, other countries. And vice versa, for natives who want to watch content (be they Netflix, streaming sports or any other networks) that can only be used in Canada outside the United States.

With a 45-day money back guarantee, the Hotspot Shield provides three different pricing schemes, and the longer scheme of course offers a best value.

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