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Garena Free Fire has a number of characters in the game, and in each revamped version it also adds a number of new. Skyler was the latest addition.

The Free Fire section contains a total of 37 characters, and almost all have brilliant qualities and fighting skills. The competences are classified into passive and active competences. Some characters have active abilities and some have passive abilities.

This article highlights some of Free Fire’s strongest characters as of April 2021.

What are the five best Free Fire characters in April 2021?
DJ Alok

It helps DJ Alok to create a five-meter aura, which increases ally speed by 10%, and recovers 5HPs for five seconds. DJ Alok has the active ability to drops the beat.

Using character levelling cards, this ability can be increased to level 6. The maximum level of DJ Alok allows him to increase movement speed by 15% by 10 seconds for 5HP/s.


Chrono has a Time Turner active capability. He can use this capability to establish a force field which avoids 600 damages for opponents. He has the power from within the force field to fire enemies.

When using Time Turner the movement speed of the Chrono is increased by 15%, while the movement speed of the allies is increased by 10% in the force field.

If Chrono is up to 6, his skills will also increase. On the other hand, the Time-Turner skill has a 50-second cooldown.


Riptide Rhythm of Skyler is an active capacity to unleash a sonic ring at its default level, damaging five gluttonous walls in 50 metres.

For every gloo wall used, the HP recovery starts with four stages. The capacity to cool down takes about 60 seconds.

K (captain Booyah)

K is an active jiu-jitsu practitioner, a master of everything that can enable him to raise his EP to a maximum of 50.

The EP conversion rates in the jiu-jitsu mode are up by 500 per cent within a 6 m radius.

In the psychological mode, 2 EPs will be recovered automatically every three seconds and up to 100 EPs. The mode-shift CD takes approximately 20 seconds.


Jota is a specialist in parkour and stuntman with a passive key stage, Sustained Raids.

This ability restores 25HP for a 5-second cooldown, as each SMG or shotgun kill. With each shotgun or SMG kill Jota will restore 40HP at its highest level

The Clash Squad is, without a doubt, the most advantageous character. He is therefore also one of Free Fire’s strongest characters.

Special references: Hayato, A124, Shirou.

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