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Free Fire clash squad ranked tips and tricks in tamil 2021

Free Fire has quickly become one of the most successful games in the battle royale genre. The game is extremely competitive, and every player wants to advance to the higher tiers and become the highest. Battle Royale and Clash Squad are the two main game modes in Free Fire.

Eight players are split into two teams in the Clash Squad mode: Warbringers and Howlers. Seven rounds will be played between the two teams. The team that emerges triumphant in four of them gets the Booyah!

This article contains some tips that can help users boost their gameplay in the Clash Squad mode and come out on top.

Tips for Clash Squad mode in Free Fire

Character combination

Character combinations are essential in Garena Free Fire. It is a critical component of the Clash Squad mode. Having Kla in the mix can often be a viable choice for players because, at max level, it can help them knock out enemies in a single melee attack.

Using characters to replenish HP, such as Alok or K, is also very useful. Players may also use a combination of Chrono to play more aggressively.

Overall, having the right combination should fit the user’s playing style and enable them to perform significantly better in the Clash Squad match.

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Avoid picking early fights and usage of utilities

Though it might seem counterintuitive, avoiding early fights and slowing down can be a smart strategy even in the Clash Squad. In essence, players will try to concentrate on gaining control of key locations/compounds and engaging in the gunfight at the appropriate time.

In this mode, utilities such as gloo walls and grenades are just as necessary as weapons. The grenade damage will soften up your opponents, making it marginally easier to take them down. Simultaneously, the gloo wall’s significance cannot be overstated since it provides excellent protection for the players.


In contrast to the battle royale mode, players do not receive weapons as loot and must buy them. They must make coordinated transactions in order to have a chance of defeating their opponents.

Buying weapons when the team is just using handguns makes little sense. If a user has extra money, they may suggest giving the gun to a teammate who is in need of one.

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