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5 best Free Fire characters that can be bought using gold after the OB27 update

Garena Free Fire has several characters, most of which can be purchased with gold coins or diamonds.

Buying characters with gold coins is the simplest way to get them, as spending diamonds is more expensive. There are 39 characters in the game, and after the OB27 update, you can purchasing the best Free Fire characters from the gold coins.

What are the best Free Fire characters that players can buy with gold coins after the OB27 update?
Everything You Need To Know About Free Fire Character Hayato

Hayato has a passive capacity called Bushido, which increases the penetration of armour by 7,5% with a decrease of maximum PH per 10 percent. The armour penetration is up by 10 percent at its maximum level.

Price: 8000 gold coins
How to get Moco character in Free Fire

Passive ability of Moco is called Hacker’s Eye and not many characters possess a special ability. It marks enemies as they are fired and exchanges information with teammates about tagged enemies for 2 seconds. At the maximum degree of Moco, the tag length extends to 5 seconds.

Price: 8000 gold coins

Free Fire: Here's 3 Tips To Make Rafael A Truly Deadly Assassin In The Game

Since the OB27 update, Rafael has a buff, and his skills have been a little tweaked. Now it has a quiet impact on snipers and rifles.

A 20% faster loss of HP is expected for enemies struck and downed by Raphael. The HP loss would rise to 45% when Rafel is reduced to a maximum.

Price: 8000 gold coins

Miguel has a passive ability which in Clash Squad mode is very successful. Crazy Slayer is his talent.

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Miguel gets 30 EP per murder and he gets 80 EP per kill while he is maximised.

Price: 8000 gold coins

Laura Character In Free Fire: Know The Special Abilities Of Laura Character  In Free Fire And

Sharp Shooter, Laura’s passive skill, enables player precision in the use of the scope to increase by 10. The precision increases to 30 when Laura maximises its capacity.

Price: 8000 gold coins

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