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How to Change UPI PIN in GPay | Reset forgot UPI PIN in GPay

It is important to know some basic details about this app before learning how to modify UPI PIN in GPay. It is one of the best mobile payment applications for customers and has modified several choices over time.

This app helps users directly from the bank account to pay bills, book train tickets, renew mobiles, and pass money. It is known to be safer since it is Google’s payment service.

Cash transfers are available for five types: bank transfer, phone number, UPI, QR code, and self transfer. Tap the ‘New payment’ button at the bottom of the home screen for fund transfers or bill payments.

GPay is run by India’s National Payments Corporation’s Unified Payments interface (UPI), which is widely popular with Indian simplistic and stable money transfers.

You can instal it on your mobile phone, enter your mobile phone number to connect your bank accounts from the Google Play Store.

For cash transfer or bill payment, you must connect up your bank account and verify the bank account through automatic OTP.

will also need to generate a UPI PIN for payments, transfer of funds when you are adding a bank account. We will need the UPI PIN for and UPI transaction.

We can change it by taping the icon at the upper right corner if you want to change your UPI PIN.

Modify this without entering the specifics of a debit card or ATM card and it’s time to update the UPI PIN.

Upi pin is usually six numbers in SBI, but it is four numbers in HDFC. The UPI PIN can be four or six digits if you have attached other bank accounts.

The UPI pin change choice is shown in the image below. The Change UPI PIN choice must be selected. Enter and validate the latest four-digit UPI PIN by reintroducing the same UPI PIN.

However, you will have to type your debit card or ATM card info when you forget the UPI PIN in GPay. Consider the below steps.

How to Change UPI PIN in GPay
  • Open the GPay app, you will find a profile icon at the top of the screen’s right corner.
  • Tap on the profile image, and the following screen will appear. Choose a bank account here.
  • On the next screen, if you have added more than one account, you will get a bank account list. Select the bank account in which you want to change your UPI PIN.
  • Now select the icon at the top right corner of the screen. If you want to change your UPI PIN, click on the Change UPI PIN option and replace it with your existing PIN.
  • If you have forgotten the UPI PIN, you have to select the ‘Forgot UPI PIN‘ to reset the UPI PIN
  • On the next screen, enter the last six digits of the debit card and the expiry date of the month/year, and continue.
  • You will get a six-digit OTP number on your registered mobile, enter the OTP number and a four-digit ATM card PIN.
  • Again, there will be an option to enter a four-digit UPI PIN, enter the UPI PIN and confirm by re-entering the same UPI PIN. That’s all.

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