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WhatsApp status video download: How to download WhatsApp status videos on Android and iOS mobiles

WhatsApp status download: Did you like to download a WhatsApp status on your computer without asking the source? A step-by-step guide is available here. Users cannot download the status set by their friends on the social message site. Although a workingaround is there. If it is a gif, you can simply take a screenshot for your mobile Android/iPhone to download the WhatsApp Status. What is the video state of WhatsApp, however? WhatsApp status video can be downloaded from your device? Fret not, we still have you secured. The process mentioned below can be downloaded from any WhatsApp status video. Taking a look: Take a look:

WhatsApp status download

To import WhatsApp status video from Android cell phone / iPhone, you don’t need a third-party application. The tools / apps on your mobile can be used to do this.

How to download WhatsApp status videos on Android mobile phone
  • Go to WhatsApp and watch the status you wish to download
  • Now, open the ‘File Manager’ app. The app could go with other names, depending upon your manufacturers. For example, my Samsung mobile phone has ‘My Files’ app to manage all files and folders on the device
  • Go to the app’s Settings page and toggle the ‘Show hidden system files’ settings to on
  • Now, go back to the app’s home page and select Internal Storage, followed by WhatsApp -> Media -> .Statuses
  • Within the ‘.Statuses’ folder, you’ll see all the watches WhatsApp status
  • Long press the WhatsApp status video, copy the file and paste it on your ‘DCIM’ or any other visible folder

It saves your computer with the WhatsApp update video and stays the same even after the status is gone. You can also view this video from the phone gallery/photos application if it is stored in the DCIM folder.

How to download WhatsApp status videos on iPhone

WhatsApp status videos on the iPhone can be downloaded in separate stages than Android phones. Display secret machine files in the File Manager application, go to WhatsApp folder, then Media, do not take any action. Status, and everything.

  • To download WhatsApp status videos on iPhone, go to ‘Control Centre’ and select the screen recording option
  • If the option is not visible there, open iPhone’s Settings menu -> select ‘Control Centre’ -> and tap on the ‘+’ icon next to the Screen Recording option
  • With the Screen Recording on, open WhatsApp -> go to the Status window -> and play the WhatsApp Status video you wish to download
  • After the entire video is recorded, swipe down from the top and hit stop recording from the notification panel. Alternatively, you can press the power button. The video will automatically be saved on your phone’s Photos app

You can edit the irrelevant part when you set the video as your WhatsApp status.

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