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5 best bullet hell games and shoot ’em ups for Android

5 best bullet hell games and shoot ’em ups for Android.Bullet hell titles are a unique game sub-genre. With the release of NieR:Automata and its impressively entertaining bullet hell scenes, the genres returned to mainstream. It takes the joy of a shoot and puts it back on the team. Shooting mechanics are still available. So it’s about escapeing bullets and shooting bad guys at you. But it’s slightly different from the average playing.

Shoot’em up (or shmup, for short, manic gunman, Danmaku (literally bullet curtain) & STG is another name for the bullet hell genre (Japanese abbreviation for shooting games). He is a popular mechanic in top-down aerial shooters.

5 best bullet hell games and shoot ’em ups for Android
AirAttack 2

Price: Free

AirAttack 2 is an airborne shooter from the Second World War. This game includes 22 field missions, a quest to survive, remarkably decent 3D graphics and five avions. Other features of the game include Android TV support and external support for game pads and offline games. The game is fantastic for this kind of game. The controls are often straightforward to understand. It can stuck any of the intermediate and lower terminals, but it’s pretty good otherwise.

Bullet Hell Monday series

Price: Free / Up to $4.99 each

Bullet Hell Monday is the top game of its kind. The series consists of 3 games, including Bullet Hell Monday, Bullet Hell Monday Black and Bullet Hell Monday Finale. All of the games have classic graphics, with incredibly vibrant and luminous graphics and lots of shots. Each game includes different chapters, different enhancements and basic controls to play around. The maker does as well. Zero decluster, another remarkable shoot. Each of these developers’ four games is also excellent.

Guardian Girls

Price: Free / Up to $6.99

Guardians Girls is a good shoot with bright graphics and anime. The game has a storey mode which isn’t suitable for everyone, but at least has the regular set, such as boss fights, colourful struggles and basic controls. Every ten levels you get a boss battle. The game is very smooth. Furthermore, the game has a good sound and for newcomers it’s friendly. It’s not the most famous, but it’s all right.


Price: Free / Up to $2.49

Mathmare is a minimal shmup style without a real fire. In order to move to the next level, players are avoiding the different patterns of shooting in the game. This reduces the number of game play elements by half, but generally it’s a good assumption. This kind of game can be easily found by experienced players in the genre. The younger ones would also appreciate the genre even better. This is an excellent way to get yourself through the part of the genre bullet curtain. On any evaluation computer the game is running very well.

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Price: Free to play

ShooMachi is a pretty good game of bullet fuck. It is a vertical sniper on the ground, not in the clouds. But much of the mechanics are the same. You escape bullets as you take bad people down, update your arms and armour while you advance and continue to play to unlock more items. There are also a number of difficulty modes, different power ups and boosts and more. Many that donate to the developer will permanently delete advertisements and get unlimited XP potions for faster ups. The only real problem is that after a while, the game can get boring and some new and more different stages can be used.

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