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Free Fire Ramadan Event 2021 Date Leaked Rewards And More Details

Free Fire Ramadan Event 2021 Date Leaked Rewards And More Details.Garena Free Fire It’s always trying to engage everywhere with its actors, with community festivals being one of the most common approaches.

A lot of events related to the diverse society and cultures of India, including the Diwali Festival, Holi celebration etc. have been launched. Free Fire has Free Fire has announce that a new Ramadan event with a mass of exciting rewards and prizes will be introduced to the game in this month’s social network handle.

This report takes into consideration some of the leaked awards and the start date of the Ramadan celebration.

Ramadan event in Free Fire: Start date leaked

sub-events according to common sources and Free Fire culture. The event is expected to start between 6th and 7th May in Ramadan. And there will be a horde of free prizes and awards.

Ramadan event in Free Fire: Leaked rewards

Here is the leaked calendar for the Ramadan event, along with some of their rewards:

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  • Eidโ€™s Blessings Daily Mission (May 7th โ€“ May 20th)
  • Eidโ€™s Blessings Web Event (May 7th โ€“ May 20th) โ€“ AK47 Legendary Cobra
  • Daily Magic Cube Mission (May 7th โ€“ May 11th) โ€“ Incubator Voucher and Magic Cube fragments
  • Login event Eid Gifts (May 9th โ€“ May 13th) โ€“ Choose 1 character and choose 1 pet
  • After Match drop (May 12th โ€“ May 14th) โ€“ Crescent Moon and Super Crescent Moon
  • Cumulative Magic Cube Mission (May 12th โ€“ May 13th) โ€“ 20x Magic Cube fragments
  • After Match drop (May 14th โ€“ May 20th) โ€“ Gold Star token and Diamond Royale voucher
  • The Spirit of the Feast (May 12th โ€“ May 13th) โ€“ 5x Custom Room card, 11x Super Crescent Moon, 1x Golden Vow, and 2x Incubator voucher
  • Gold Star Exchange (May 14th โ€“ May 20th) โ€“ Pet emote Alien Showoff

The players will get various free prizes in the next two days, as mentioned above. Players are currently required to track the game for additional incident warnings. Ramadan Free Fire Event 2021 Date Rewards And More Details

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