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Top 5 Free Fire Rare Emotes May 2021

Top 5 Free Fire Rare Emotes May 2021. Free Fire has an extensive variety to bind emotes (gestures) in the games. Players may buy or collect certain emotions from events or packages.

Since May 2021 this article lists some of the unusual emotions of Free Fire.

Note: The emotes of the Free Fire are not specified in a certain order or grading in this article.

Top 5 Free Fire Rare Emotes May 2021

Flowers of Love (Rose emote)

The emotional love flowers were unveiled as part of the Valentine Day Top Up Special in 2019. Players had to bill 500 diamonds to procure the emote.

With a Rose in his hands the character can make a lovely expression with the emote.


The Doggie emote was released in the Emote Party game in 2019). The player celebrates and dances with a dog in a splendid mood.

At the launch on foreign servers Doggie emote was available, but it was on the Indian server for a while.

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The LOL emote is a fun, exclusive snack from Free Fire.

The talk with friends through the lobby is polite, happy and enjoyable. It can be used by players.


Push-up emote was eligible for rewards on Elite Pass ranks during the Bomb Squad Elite Pass season (Elite Pass Season 9).

When the emote is playing, the person starts pushing the planche up.

 FFWC Throne

One of the best emotes in Free Fire is FFWC Throne Emote. It was last seen a couple of months ago at a special occasion.

The emote builds the player’s golden throne.

Disclaimer:The rareness of these emotions is recorded in the free fire culture according to broad speculation and debate. For all players the emotions mentioned here may or may not be uncommon.

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