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Free Fire Mystery Shop 2021 Date In India 12.0 Items & More

Free Fire Mystery Shop 2021 Date In India 12.0 Items & More.Free Fire is about to be the 12th edition of Mystery Shop with the case Ramadan taking place in May 2021. Each month, developers made the game accessible for a new concept in the early days of the Mystery shop scenario. However, over the last 2-3 releases developers have made it unusual, as it is rather synonymous with Free Fire.

The last edition of the Mystery Shop was also published in November 2020. We have the next free fire mystery shop about six months back, plus the mystery shop in May 2021.

What Is Mystery Shop In Free Fire?

Free Fire’s in-game case is the Mystery Shop. It offers an extraordinary discount of up to 90% on various in-game components. The shop is full of products, but Elite Pass remains the most exciting. It also has the concept to bring special packs similar to Elite Pass for men and women. The next mystery shop is the Eid’s own mystery shop.

Free Fire Mystery Shop 12.0 Release Date:

Free Fire (FF) Mystery Shop 12.0 is due to be published on 13 May 2021. The case Mystery Shop usually lasts seven days; the 12th Mystery Shop is then scheduled to close on May 19, 2021. On 13 May, if you don’t understand, Ramadan event is also a highlight.

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Mystery Shop 12.0 Male & Female Bundles:

Special men and women’s sets come with Mystery Shop 12.0. Much as ever. See the following images. Watch a deeper picture more carefully.

About Mystery Shop 12.0:

12.0: the 12th Mystery Shop gives up to 80% discount. Around the Mystery Shop 12. Your luck is based on the percentage of discount. Before you enter the shop, everybody must spin on the event tab, and the result is to get a discount in your shop.

In the Mystery Shop of May 2021, two parts are open. The items in the pool are divided by the special packets of men and women. To change the item pool in the store, just click between the packages. A Name Change Card is available in the shop. Creatures, characters, suits, etc.

You will purchase the exclusive male and female packages only after entering the store. A certain amount of diamonds must first be paid in the shop to purchase. It’s 50 diamonds, usually.

How To Get 90% Discount In Mystery Shop 12.0?

Each player wishes for the most discount, meaning that the Mystery Shop offers a 90 percent discount for merchandise at an extremely fair price. However, only a fortunate player can do this. You have to be willing to become one of the happiest.

The Mystery Shop receiving a discount of 90% is no such trick. However, we found three groups of accounts with a higher reduction rate from our previous experience:

Free Fire Mystery Shop 2021 Date In India 12.0 Items & More
  • New Accounts
  • Accounts that never purchased in-game items
  • Accounts with fewer diamonds

So if you are new to the free feu or have a newly created account you may be guaranteed to receive 80% – 90% off in the mystery shop. Even, if you’re an older player, you can get a decent discount but never did a special diamond on your account.

Even, the chances of a higher discount are still strong even though you have made a supplement but never buyed anything in the game. The reason is that developers want to encourage players to add diamonds and spend on in-game goods gradually.

If you don’t fall into one band, the least you can do is keep fewer diamonds on your accounts. It also increases the chance of a larger discount.

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