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Resident Evil Village Mod Turns Lady Dimitrescu Into Ms X

Resident Evil Village Mod Turns Lady Dimitrescu Into Ms X

Resident Evil Village Lady Dimitrescu transforms Ms. X to mod and it’s loved by the Internet. In this modding environment, even the great lady of Resident Evil Village, there is no video game character protected. It’s been a couple of days since the game finished and mods are out. Although certain mods are essential and make the character a cosmetic touch, others turn this horror game into a joke.

To be honest, there’s nothing to do when the players end up in Resident Evil Village. Of course, they can go back and defeat or release guided weapons more difficultly, like the Dragoon Assault Rifle, which melts animals. But you have to replay a game by plugins.There are a number of amusing mods players can download without further ado after the game is over.

Resident Evil Village mods players should try out once completing the game
X gon give it to you

Lady Dimitrescu and T-00, alias Mr X, were swapped by the modders to create Ms. X Dimitrescu. Lady Dimitrescu is more than frightened because of the change of face, her original age well over 100 years old.

Resident Evil Village Mod Turns Lady Dimitrescu Into Ms X

But because of its stature (in this case literally), it’s as awesome as it used to be, without any of its good looks and elegance. This is an excellent mod to try to experience for players.

Tomas the Tank Engine Mod

It is not surprising that modders took the Tomas Tank Engine into the Evil Village. It’s unbelievable. It is evident only after the Fallout series and Skyrim, and Minecraft, were introduced to a horror title in the Good-Good Lucky Wagon.

Although it is not scary to look at a mutant almost ten metres away at first, only to figure out that it is terrible Thomas will definitely dilemmatize the players either by opening fires or calling The Coundctuor.

Not a very effective weapon

The next mod, when used against Lady Dimitrescu in the war, is not very successful when talking about guns and arms. As the reader can see in the following video, it is best for swatting mischievous flies.

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Nevertheless, players involved in rounding Castle Dimitrescu with a flying swatter should certainly check this mod. Do not be startled, however, when creatures are swatted, to respond violently.

Baby Chris

Restoring Baby Rose traumatised Ethan Winter, but he would have been given nightmares by this particular mod if he were to see it. Players will replace the head of Chris Redfield with Rosemary Baby using this mod, which can be an awkward experience.

In Resident Evil Village anything is possible. Ethan Winters had too many bottles of wine at home, it was the only way he could do it every day.

Lady Dimitrescu slaying that modern look

Look at Lady Dimitrescu in an off white robe around her castle was a sight, but modders managed to get her to a fashionable look in the 21st century.

A change of clothes wonders for the character, and considering the wardrobe of the 21st Century, players in Castle Dimitrescu Resident Evil Village do not expect a warm welcome.

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