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Will Hoko Life dethrone Animal Crossing

Will Hoko Life dethrone Animal Crossing.The latest addition to the community simulator games roster, Hokko Life. The title can now be considered as Animal Crossing’s PC version: New Horizons. The game is now available on Steam in its early access stage.

The majority of Hokko Life gameplay elements remind of the Animal Crossings titles, including the options, events and activities for customising them. The genre has been brought to PC by an equally simple und relaxing community simulator.

The players are driven to the land of Hokko in a train, instead of the islands, where they can build, design and create resources and adapt every aspect of their lives.

Animal Crossing fans waited to play the game on a PC. As it is an exclusive Nintendo, players are asking a while for similar PC games. Hokko Life, at first glance, seems to reply because the game is similar to Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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Could Animal Crossing: New Horizons get replaced by Hokko Life?

During the E3 Nintendo panel, fans were disappointed with Nintendo, as the game wasn’t updated. The game could have been great this year because its 20th birthday was just celebrated. Consequently, the community has been very suspicious about the new updates.

All for naught, however. The Nintendo panel has not disclosed updates on the Crossing of Animals: New Horizons, which disproves all rumours.

As Hokko Life delves into the same genre and taps into the massive community of players on the computer, Nintendo’s deception with ignoring the game could trigger the range of popularity against Animal Crossing.

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