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Kena: Bridge of Spirits Preview.If the adorable Rot doesn’t capture your heart fully, you’ll never want to stop exploring the stunning, rich surroundings.

It is not too often that an indie studio has its very first video game, so much like Ember Lab did in Kena: Bridge of Spirits.

This magic look title has held gamers in the palm of their hands since its first announcement in June 2020 at PlayStation’s Future of Gaming. There is a good reason for this, let me tell, which I discovered in the Tribeca Film Festival in my hour preview.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits Preview

At the beginning of Kena’s journey, my practical demo started as she starts helping a troubled mind known as Taro. Just off the bat, the visual prowess of the game came into being as I crossed the dark forest amid the flash. As the sharp white bolts and rain fell into the woods, Kena’s combat ability came to my hands before any action took place.

The Kena combat systems combine the ability to use a brilliant blue pulse capability which integrates a heightened attack, light attack and of course, the ability to protect itself against enemies. But before I got to meet my first boss, who proved to be harder than I expected, I was introduced to two brothers with lovely faces and big puppy eyes that looked like they were snapped from a Pixar movie instantaneously.

If you were wondering if I would reach the sweet little red, then I would like now to record the miniscule and invaluable spirits (well, as Kena but you know what I mean). The gag of their small feet is always close by as they help me in my fighting and help me face hurdles.

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Bridge of Spirits

I came to a large mountain at one point which brought me to the area of Taco and lay an impressively crystal clear lake at the base. Of course, I needed to see whether Kena could swim and also to see whether I would follow my little red friends. Kena can definitely swim, and my lovely companions have always been there with me, bobbling in marvel at what I was doing.

tasted Kena’s fighting skills before I reached my next destination. I decided to play the medium demo and thought it would give me a taste of the difficulty of the game. I thought naively that many of Kena’s boss battles were going to be a piece of cake because of its good appearance, but soon I realised I was so dumb I looked.

This doesn’t mean that the first boss I met was so hard, but at least three times before I defeated my ass. Kena has the rot to help her bring the enemy to her knees in fighting and if you choose, They can also interact with elements that cause corruption, that are angry creatures like plants that block entry and spit enemies that are ready with armour.

Because of the sensitivity of rot, small souls, they can easily fear so that Kena needs to gather yellow orbs called Courage from defeated enemies. When it is built up, she will be able to send the rot to help her and she is always eager to help her.

Within no time, Kena is moving into Lara Croft by scale cliffs and hanging from the edges of the mountains as she finds Taro. This area of the plan allows players to witness the huge and really beautiful scenery of the amazing title of Ember Lab.

Kena: the Bridge of Spirits from my playthrough offers a profoundly creative narrative, fierce combats and exploration that is going to bring joy to young people and old ones. All of the elements come together for a magical and captivating adventure that I cannot wait to experience more and if the rest of Kena is as irresistible as the first hour, for many years Ember Lab’s first game will be on players’ lips and fingertips.

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