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How to process ingredients in genshin impact mobile

How to process ingredients in genshin impact mobile. Kitchen is a crucial and noteworthy event in the Genshin impact. Players can also make their own cooking, however many players have not found the ingredient processing portion. The Genshin Impact Ingredients Processing Guidelines are given in detail.

How to process ingredients in genshin impact mobile

The processing chamber Genshin Impact allows players to make seasonings or cooking supplies. The players can manufacture many substances at once. Make this game an ingredient by taking these actions.

  • Get close to the cooking pot with a lit fire in nature or near the restaurants in three cities.
  • Tap on the Cook button to open the cooking menu.
  • Tap on the Chili icon under the Knife and Fork icon to open the Process section.
  • You will see twelve ingredients in the Process section, including Flour, Raw Meat, Cream, Smoked Fowl, Butter, Ham, Sugar, Crab Roe, Jam, Cheese, Bacon, and Sausage.
  • Select the ingredient you want to process but make sure that you have enough materials to process it.
  • Tap on the Cook button in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • After the processing is complete, tap on the Obtain button.

You can use 3 or more Genshin Impact ingredients at the same time provided you have sufficient supplies. Let’s have a look at some samples of how Genshin Impact components are processed.

How to process sugar Genshin Impact

To process a bottle of sugar Genshin Impact, players require two sweet blossoms. These blooms can be found in the wild in the three countries of Mondstadt, Liyue and Inazuma. These blossoms are quite easy to find, even in the dark.

Sugar is an essential element in numerous dishes like as Egg Roll, Lotus Seme And Egg Soup, and Sakura Mochi.

Process Sugar

When you have enough Sweet Flowers, you select Sucre and hit the cook button. The duration of sugar processing is 3 minutes.

You can buy a total of thirty sugar bottles a day at the Sara restaurant in Mondstadt and Shimura Kanbei, Inazuma and Mao.

Buy Ingredients From Chefs

How to process flour in Genshin Impact

Flour is an extremely vital cooking component in numerous meals like Mora Meat, Flaming Red Bolognese, Tea Break Pancake etc. In the Process tab you may quickly make a pack of meal from a piece of wheat. You may also buy 30 packs of meals daily at three eateries in Mondstadt, Liyue and Inazuma.

Process Flour

Where to buy ingredients Genshin Impact

In Sara’s Mondstadt, Shimura Kanbei’s Inazuma and Mao’s Chef’s restaurant in the city, Genshin Impact ingredients can still be acquired. Dongsheng in Liyue and Aoi in Inazuma also allow players to obtain cooking tools and ingredients at the Blanche shop in Mondstadt.

Kochen is an interesting experience in this game. Xiangling is a superb chef to cook the bonus.

Sara Restaurant

Besides a number of identical goods, such as salt, pepper, onion, milk, tomatoes, chicken, potatoes, wheat, some special ingredients are also on sale.

  • Aoi’s shop: Shrimp meat, Naku Weed, Tofu, Rice. You are limited to buy 5 Naku Weeds per day and 100 pieces of other items.
  • Dongsheng’s shop: Shrimp meat, Tofu, Rice, and Almond. The limited number of these ingredients is 100.
  • Blanche’s shop: all popular ingredients of three shops, including salt, pepper, onion, milk, tomato, cabbage, potato, and wheat. She does not sell any exclusive ingredients.

Restaurants that market all the manufactured ingredients and 1-star dishes are Sarah, Chef Mao and Shimura Kanbei.

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Dongsheng In Liyue

Ingredient processing reward Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact players are not rewarded for processing the ingredients but are rewarded for cooking. Here are some of the benefits you can gain by cooking in this game.

The Art of Cooking

The Cooking Art is a global quest for cooking using Genshin Impact. The NPC Lynn will provide you this search in Starfel Valley, Mondstadt. The participants are required to prepare their chicken champagne skewer platter.

Cooking In Genshin Impact

This is a lesson for players to learn about the cooking system of the game. In the kitchen, the ingredients must be collected and the food cooked. You will receive several goodies, including 5 bird eggs, 10 birds, 5 mushrooms, 5 wheat and 2500 moras, after your hunt has been completed.

Battle Pass Rewards

Players must cook 20 meals a day for Battle Pass. A mission exists. After this work is finished you will add 360 BEP to the whole procedure. After accumulating enough BEP 1000 from different fighting pass missions, you will increase a level and receive a random prize.

Cook 20 Dishes Per Day


When you master a total of 40 receptions, you get 20 Primogems from Star Chef Achievement. You can download the Art of Adventure part. The gastronomic culture of three nations in Teyvat is more spectacular than you believe. You can buy more dishes from three chefs or receive recipes from jobs to complete this assignment.

How to process ingredients in genshin impact mobile

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