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Genshin Impact Elemental Reactions: Chart,Damage,Achievement and more

Genshin Impact Elemental Reactions: Chart,Damage,Achievement and more. In the handling of foes, elemental reactions to Genshin impact are particularly useful. Both elements may have an average response. Refer to the list of basic reactions below in Genshin Impact for the most strong.

Eight elementary combos comprise the Genshin Impact. If you combine two basic effects, you can have an elemental reaction. The calculation of Elemental Damage for Genshin Impact is not the same for various combos, though. Consequently, many reactions are stronger.

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This is the tier list of all Genshin Impact Elemental Reactions and the vulnerability chart for Genshin Impact Elementary, from top to bottom.

Vaporize (Pyro plus Hydro)

The vaporising reaction occurs when you combine Pyro and Hydro elements. When employing Hydro plus Pyro, the reaction of vaporisation does more damage than when using Pyro plus Hydro. With basic attack or wet weather, you can apply Hydro elements to your targets. Then releasing Pyro PDS’ basic skills and explosions to achieve the highest fundamental DMG.


  • Apply wet effect before releasing Pyro attacks. Childe and Mona’s bursts can apply Hydro element to enemies on the largest AoE.
  • Make use of rain or a nearby water area, such as a river, lake, or sea.
  • It’s the best one in this Genshin Impact elemental reactions tier list especially when you use high-level characters.
Childe And Mora

Melt (Pyro plus Cryo)

The Pyro element generates double damage when Pyro and Cryo combine the two most aggressive elements. The element sequence impacts the DMG it generates. If you use Pyro skill and explode with the Cryo effect, the DMG is doubled. In contrast, the basic DMG is boosted 1,5 times when you attach the Cryo element after burning.


  • Freeze enemy first. Then, use the Pyro bursts or slashes of Genshin Impact Diluc, Hu Tao, or Klee to take the enemies down quickly.
  • Effective in fighting off big bosses.
Ganyu And Klee

Swirl (Anemo plus Pyro, Cryo, Electro, or Hydro)

The Anemo element is often known as a carrier. The DMG in foes can be created in combination, for example, with aggressive components like Pyro, Cryo, Electro or Hydro. The greatest way to tackle mobs is to do so. The Anemo element helps other primary effects to expand to the AoE. The potency of Swirl hinges on basic mastery.


  • Use the elemental burst of Kazuha, Venti, or Jean to increase the area of effect.
  • The Swirl Reaction between Anemo and Pyro works most effectively.

Superconduct (Cryo plus Electro)

The response of superconduct can weaken the physical resistance of enemies by up to 40 percent. You can utilise Chongyun, Razor, Keqing in addition to the basic DMGs of the reaction. Their essential powers and explosion can be easily derailed if their physical resistance weakens. Without this protective shield a giant boss is just as weak as a kitten.


  • You should cause the Freeze Reaction first. Then, apply the Electro elements to attack enemies with another reaction.
  • Lisa and Fischl’s burst can cause long-time reactions in a wet condition.

Electro-charged (Electro plus Hydro)

The electrically charged one is another another aggressive elementary reaction to the attack on opponents. After applying the wet effect to adversaries of hydroelectric abilities or exposure, you are releasing an electro burst or attack. Electro-charged are responsible for instant DMG shocks. The adversaries’ animation can stop the attack. It can therefore cause reactions to overload or freeze.


  • Fischl and Lisa are the two best Electro characters for this reaction.
  • Fischl’s elemental skills and Lisa’s elemental burst can maintain the effect for a long while.
The Electro-charged

Overloaded (Electro plus Pyro)

There is also an overburden of the response to this attack. The character degree of fundamental mastery also affects the DMG of this reaction, like Swirl. It is incredibly beneficial and effective to counteract enemies because of its large AoE damage. However, this reaction does not lead to CRIT DMG. It just enables the enemies to reverse.

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  • The combination of Xiangling with Fischl or Xiangling with Lisa can deal elemental DMG of this reaction for a long time.

Crystallize (Geo plus Cryo, Hydro, Pyro, or Electro)

In combination with other elements except Anemo the Geo element might lead to a crystallising reaction. Geo is Cryo, Hydro, Pyro, or Electro’s elementary DMG buffering for this basic reaction. Players can develop a defence shield for elementary shields when his reaction takes occurred.


  • Geo plus Cryo is the best elemental combo among many elements in this Genshin Impact elemental reactions tier list.
  • The elemental skills of Noele and Diona can cause two layers of shield for better protection.
  • Ningguang can create a large AoE of Crystalize Reaction.

Frozen (Hydro plus Cryo)

The frozen reaction occurs when two elements, Hydro and Cryo, come together. It can freeze the objective for a while. You may also utilise Pyro or Electro strikes after freezing foes to generate responses of Melt or Supercapacity. That is the poorer one, but the elementary reaction level list of Genshin Impact remains relevant.


  • Kamisato Ayaka and Ganyu are the two best Cryo characters for a larger AoE of Frozen.
  • After freezing enemies, quickly switch to a Pyro or Electro character for a more powerful elemental reaction.

These are the best order of the Genshin Impact List elementary reactions. It depends on on your character collection and the level of your character. Higher levels can be the result of more strong elemental reactions. Character building is crucial as well.

Genshin Impact Elemental Reactions: Chart,Damage,Achievement and more

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