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How To Fix Lag in BGMI Battlegrounds Mobile India

Methods To Fix Lag Issue In BGMI

How to Fix Lag In Battlegrounds Mobile India . Everything about having fun in this game. You’re probably going to appreciate this if you have a nice time playing BGMI. However, you won’t be able to enjoy the game and finally stop playing it if you have a lot of lag troubles. The Khabar Kagaj team is fortunately there to support you.

With a few simple strategies and procedures the delay of BGMI can easily be rectified. If you apply our strategies, there is no risk of being banned in the game. Consequently, the best techniques to cure the lagging performance in Battlefield 3 are without concern about being banned.

How To Fix Lag in BGMI Battlegrounds Mobile India

1. Virtual RAM

Virtual RAM is a hot topic right now. Your device can be upgraded with more memory utilising a Virtual RAM application on your phone. For your Android phone, here’s how.

The SWAP NO ROOT app will be discussed in this article. You may download this virtual RAM app from Google Play for free. On any Android device you want, you may quickly download the app and use it. What’s most significant is that this programme does not require root access to run. Your Android device does not need to be rooted in order to install and operate this application!

Here is the method to use the virtual RAM app to fix the lag issue in BGMI.

  • First, clear all the background running app on your android device.
  • Then open the SWAP NO ROOT app or any Virtual RAM app that you installed.
  • Then write your SWAP size to create virtual RAM. Here you must add 1.5 GB+ to fix the lag issue in BGMI.
  • Then Create the Virtual RAM and enjoy the game without any lag.

NOTE: If you want to delete the app then first go to the app and delete the swap file you created and then uninstall it.

2. Clear Background Apps

There are two ways to fix latency in Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Try it before launching the game. Prior to playing the game, make sure all background apps are closed. You may clear the background apps on your Android phone using the following techniques.

  • First, open your recent app by pressing the recent apps button on the bottom of your screen.
  • Then you will find a clear option. Press the clear option and clear all recent app and running apps.

To fix BGMI’s lag issue, use this solution. It will remove all the programmes and free up RAM.

3. No Battery Saver apps

BGMI’s lag issue can be resolved using the third technique listed below. In order to maximise the phone’s efficiency, many Android users install Battery Saver apps Some Android users, however, are aware that this strategy will cause BGMI to lag.

In order to fix the latency issue on BGMI, you must disable the battery saver programmes. Your phone will perform at its full capability once you disable these settings, allowing you to enjoy BGMI without any issues.

4. Optimize Graphics

Here’s the next way to address the lag in BGMI. Here’s a way of optimising your graphics for your device’s screen size. Many games, such as BGMI, come pre-configured with controls and graphics that are easy to use.

To enjoy the lag-free BGMI, you’ll need to modify your graphics settings. For your gadget to work smoothly, you need to minimise the graphics. Reduce the BGMI graphics and your device will perform better.

Next time when you play the BGMI then try this method. It will most probably fix the lagging issue in BGMI.

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How To Fix Lag in BGMI Battlegrounds Mobile India


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