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How to use barrels in Minecraft. Barrels have a similar storage capacity for Minecraft chests, although several warnings are different to them. Java Edition 1.14, with 27 storage places like one piece, is the barrel originally published in Minecraft. However, they don’t need an overhead block for the chests to open.

Barrels are helpful storage blocks in confined areas where players may not wish to select the chest space.

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Minecraft: Other facts about barrels

Minecraft players may be unaware of numerous other interesting uses and factoids on barrel blocks, including:

  • Barrels possess different crafting recipes between Minecraft: Java Edition and Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. In Java, a barrel crafted with wooden planks and wooden slabs. In Bedrock, they crafted with sticks and wooden slabs.
  • Barrels filled by droppers and still interact with hoppers.
  • Barrels used as furnace fuel, smelting 1.5 items before expiring
  • If placed under note blocks, barrels create a bass tone for the note.
  • In Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, barrels moved by pistons.
  • Barrels are oddly immune to lava. If placed near lava, it will flow around the block and burn surrounding flammable blocks. However, the barrel block will remain unburnt and undamaged.
  • After witnessing a player opening or destroying a barrel block, piglins will become hostile and attack.
  • When broken, barrel blocks will drop themselves as well as all of the items contained within.

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How to use

While there is no storage room for a double chest, barrels are still in constrained locations for storage and for offering fascinating decorative possibilities. In some buildings they might fit aesthetically more well than in the earthy and rustic breast blocks.

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