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Mp5 Incubator Free Fire Release Date, Appearance

Mp5 Incubator Free Fire Release Date, Appearance. The current Incubator programme for Free Fire will be completed on 4 September. Recent leaks have revealed Project Lava MP5, the next 2021 incubator. It is slated to be available for download in two days, on September 5. All you need to know about this post’s Project Lava MP5 Incubator.

Mp5 Incubator Free Fire Release Date, Appearance And More

Project Lava MP5 Incubator Appearance

As the name implies, the MP5 is literally molten debris in the form an MP5. The lava effect evenly distributed throughout the weapon, giving it a very cool appearance. A particle fire effect emits from the lava veins, as well. Lava-colored, it’s the same as lava.

Project Lava MP5 Incubator

The lava project MP5 will offer four different varieties, each in different colours, according to tradition.

Project Lava MP5 Incubator Stats

Figures for various MP5 incubator versions and their exchange values shown below. A player can either spin or exchange evolution stones and blueprint for an incubator skin.


  • Price: 3 blueprints + 7 Evolution Stones
  • Attributes [ Rate of fire (++), Range (+), Reload Speed (-) ]
Mp5 Rogue Lava September 2021 Incubator


  • Price: 2 blueprints + 5 Evolution Stones
  • Attributes [ Damage (++), Accuracy (+), Magazine (-) ]
Mp5 Frozen Lava September 2021 Incubator


  • Price: 2 blueprints + 4 Evolution Stones
  • Attributes [ Armor penetration(++), Damage (+), Movement Speed (-) ]
Mp5 Meta Lava September 2021 Incubator


  • Price: 1 blueprint + 3 Evolution Stones
  • Attributes [ Range(++), Magazine(+), Reload Speed (-) ]

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Mp5 Jungle Lava September 2021 Incubator

3 – Which is the strongest MP5 Incubator?

MP5 Frozen Lava is the strongest of the four. With a very fast fire rate already, the skin’s added advantage doesn’t matter as much. Damage is considerably more appreciated when it’s extra. The MP5 Frozen Lava’s only flaw is its magazine size, which is hardly visible when holding it.

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