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Top 5 Best Free Fire Bundles In OB29 Update. Free Fire Bundles. Free firefighters can create themselves one of a kind with a large number of cosmetics available. Costumen bundles are one of the most requested products and they are scarcely wanted by any user. Either you can free these outfits or you can get the one you choose using redemption codes, happy spin events or diamonds. What’s the best Free Fire bundles update for OB29?

The top five most popular bundles below are how you can get them.

Beast-Arm Mutant bundle

Beast-Arm Mutant | Free Fire Official Diamond Royale - YouTube

This package is without a doubt one of the top sets users would normally like to purchase during the game. Using a Magic Cube you can exchange it. Originally it had been rebounded for one year via Diamond Royale.

The Beast-Arm Mutant bundle contains five pieces as below:

  • Top – Beast-Arm Mutant
  • Bottom – Beast-Arm Mutant
  • Head – Beast-Arm Mutant
  • Shoes – Beast-Arm Mutant
  • Facepaint – Beast-Arm Mutant

Street Boy bundle

This Street Boy bundle can purchased from the store in the game by free fire users. Note that 1499 diamonds required in order to get the costume.

The legendary male bundle has five items in the pack:

  • Head – Street Boy
  • Mask – Street Boy
  • Top – Street Boy
  • Bottom – Street Boy
  • Shoes – Street Boy

Cadencia Treblerock bundle

new enharmonic treblerock bundle#freefire# - YouTube

Cadencia Trelerock, the new “Musical Ascension” is one of the best free fire bundles in the OB29 update. To get this woman outfit bundle you must get 3 Legends Token in total.

Tokens reached by players using spins, which each cost twenty diamonds. Only 90 diamonds paid for 5 spins all at once.

The contents for this bundle are:

  • Top – Cadencia Treblerock
  • Bottom – Cadencia Treblerock
  • Shoes – Cadencia Treblerock
  • Head – Cadencia Treblerock
  • Facepaint – Cadencia Treblerock

Amplified Bassrock bundle

Now available in the Memory Jigsaw the amplified bassrock bundle. By finishing the puzzle, you can take them. And to do this, four sections must completed, with each 12 fragments.

These items are present in this bundle:

  • Head – Amplified Bassrock
  • Facepaint – Amplified Bassrock
  • Top – Amplified Bassrock
  • Bottom – Amplified Bassrock
  • Shoes – Amplified Bassrock

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Enharmonic Treblerock bundle

The Enharmonic Treblerock taken to the Ascension of Music the same way as the Cadencia Treblerock. To get this, players need 5 Legends Tokens. The event held until 7 September, so that you can purchase it for a week.

The Enharmic Treblerock contains 6 pieces:

  • Top – Enharmonic Treblerock
  • Bottom – Enharmonic Treblerock
  • Head – Enharmonic Treblerock
  • Shoes – Enharmonic Treblerock
  • Facepaint – Enharmonic Treblerock
  • Mask – Enharmonic Treblerock

Top 5 Best Free Fire Bundles In OB29 Update

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