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Cookie Run Kingdom: How to Unlock and get Sonic &Tails Cookie

The new update to the Cookie Run Kingdom introduces Sonic and Tails cross-over, which is a special time-limited event. Two exclusive new cookies may also be opened to players: Sonic Cookie and Tails Cookie. One prevalent question is how Sonic and Tails Cookie may be unlocked in the Cookie Run Kingdom. All you need to know in this guide will be explained by us.

How to Get Sonic in Cookie Run Kingdom | Touch, Tap, Play

Are Sonic Cookies and Cookies on Cookie Run Kingdom Banners?

In the conventional system of gacha banners in the Cookie Run kingdom, Sonic Cookie and Tails cookie is not available. By checking the Featured Cookie Probability Chart next to each banner, you may check for this information. No chances are that one of these cookies can be pulled or summoned. In addition, these cookies are classified as specialty cookies in your rare class.

However, many individuals wonder how to obtain the Sonic Cookie and Cookie Tails.

How to unlock Sonic Cookie and Tails Cookie

  • Launch Cookie Run Kingdom.
  • Click on Play, and choose Sonic’s Green Hills.
  • Complete all of the stages and missions to obtain Rings.
  • Use the Rings to open Sonic & Tails Item Boxes.
  • Obtain seven different colored Chaos Emeralds.
  • Use the Emeralds in the Miraculous Chaos Emerald section to unlock Sonic & Tails.

SONICE’s Green Hills Event is the first thing you have to complete to get Sonic Cookie and Tails Cookie. Plays the event as an event-exclusive currency, Rings are collected. If all phases are incapable of completing, you don’t have to worry about it, because you can grind out the stage you can amass more rings effectively.

You can return to your Kingdom and tap on the button events on the left side of the screen after you acquire Rings. Tap the Collect Rings option, and you will have the opportunity to examine a full list of event assignments. This is another technique to achieve easy rings because some chores involve essential tasks like purchase and decoration.

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How to find chaos in the cookie running kingdom

You need to go to the Luck Item Boxes tab of the events page when you have enough rings.This box has the opportunity to deliver you colored emeralds. The smartphones are the key to Sonic Cookie and Cookie unlocking.

Sonic & Tails Cookie Lucky Item Boxes Cookie Run Kingdom

Click on the tab Miraculous Emeralds to the left of the event tab. From the event tab. To unlock Sonic, you need the following emeralds:

  • Purple Chaos Emerald
  • Cyan Chaos Emerald
  • White Chaos Emerald
  • Yellow Chaos Emerald
  • Green Chaos Emerald
  • Blue Chaos Emerald
  • Red Chaos Emerald
How to get Sonic and Tails Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom

One thing to note is that, although the event is only possible after beating level 2-8, it is not very favorable to beginner players. Newer players can find it difficult to gather enough rings from the Sonic & Tails’ item boxes to get all of the Emeralds. It is, however, a free event that is great to see in a gacha game like the Cookie Run Kingdom!

How to unlock Sonic Cookie and Tails Cookie

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