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Sheltered 2 Other Factions-How to contact. In Sheltered 2 you can contact six groups. These groups may be allies, opponents, business partners, or a combination of all three, depending on your activities. You must go thoroughly at the beginning because you are a brand new group in the area, carving your own piece of the land, and it doesn’t please everyone. In this guide, we discuss how to contact the other groups in the game so that you can start a dialogue before you interfere.

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How to contact

Before you contact them, you have to meet a faction worldwide on an expedition. Your first meeting will probably be peaceful as nobody wants to start a war. Not immediately, at least. If you cross its territory on the world map and alert you that you must leave or combat, the party will send a representative to you. You can try and start a discussion with them, but most factions would like to have something to do with them via radio before they do.

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You can get in touch with the faction back in your shelter by selecting the option on the radio. This lists the factions available and allows you to choose the one you want to talk to. You will have a few options when you do so. Before you become allies, most factions need you to enhance your reputation with them. However, by contacting them, you can pick up jobs and offer services to help you do this.

How to contact sheltered 2 other factions

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