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Kena Bridge of Spirits : Shrine Guardian boss -How to beat

Kena Bridge of Spirits You’ve finally reached the end of the Forgotten Forest, and the Shrine Guardian is the only boss left. This boss encounter takes place in the Lantern Caves and is one of the game’s longer fights. While the boss isn’t particularly difficult on his own, he’s made more hazardous by the swarms of foes that appear at random. Here are some strategies for defeating him.

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Shrine Guardian attacks

The Shrine Guardian will begin the fight by summoning five of his friends. You can try to eliminate them, but they will constantly reappear during the battle.

The Shrine Guardian has only a few attacks, but they are extremely lethal. Fortunately, they are easy to spot. The swipe assault is the first thing you’ll have to worry about. It has a considerable reach, yet it can easily be avoided by rolling forward or backward. The Shrine Guardian will occasionally leap into the air to perform a huge slam. Avoiding this strike requires caution because it deals area-of-effect damage. The boss will periodically stamp his foot down if you focus on melee strikes. This is another type of area-of-effect attack.

The last attack of the Shrine Guardian is a ranged attack. It’s difficult to predict when this attack will occur, but it will occur when he digs his hands into the earth. This strike forces pink tendrils to emerge from the ground, dealing area-of-effect damage.

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Tips: Shrine Guardian boss -How to beat

.You can simply defeat the Shrine Guardian by doing a few things. First and foremost, don’t be too concerned with the minor foes. They are easy to dodge in the huge chamber, and the boss’s assaults can damage them. They can take care of themselves, but if you think they’re bothering you, take them out before going after the boss.

The Shrine Guardian’s torso is covered in three yellow shards. Shooting these with your bow will result in significant damage. Take them out as soon as possible. There is an opportunity to strike the boss if he utilizes his tendril assault. You can make the Rot Spirits swarm the corrupted orb on the boss’ back if you have the Rot Spirit Actions built up. Shoot it with your bow to annihilate it and deal a lot of damage.

Kena Bridge of Spirits : Shrine Guardian boss -How to beat

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