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Warframe: How To Get The Voidplume Pinion

Warframe: How To Get The Voidplume Pinion Developer Digital Extremes predicted a massive shift in the Warframe narrative and gameplay meta when the New War tale was revealed. The conclusion was dramatic, and personal decisions made during the course of the story have carried over into the new Angels of Zariman update. Many modifications and new features are the show’s big stars, as they are with all major plot updates Warframe offers. This article will teach you how to obtain Voidplume Pinion, a rare resource required to level up the new Zariman faction.

Requirement for farming Voidplumes

Warframe: How To Get The Voidplume Pinion

Completing the Angels of Zariman core quest will make farming easier, similar to locating many of the new content. You must have completed the whole New War story update in order to select and complete this new mission.

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Hunting the Void

Warframe: How To Get The Voidplume Pinion

The rarest of the five Voudplume elements is Voidplume Pinion. They can trade for 5000 standing, but don’t waste this valuable resource. This item can also used to make the brand new Incarnon weaponry, which is a significantly more important application. These are extremely powerful weapons that can evolve in the middle of a mission.

Only one of two approaches can use to best farm this resource. Quinn in the Chrysalith will send you on a Void Armageddon assignment. A Ravenous Void Angel boss fight is guaranteed if you choose this mission type. This rare resource can drop by Void Angels, however. A secret type of Void Angel will guarantee a drop every time you take them out.

Select an exterminate or Void flood mission type and look for dormant statues that mimic a Void Angel to find the more powerful angel variety. When you interact with this statue. You’ll throw into a difficult boss encounter, therefore bring a group of four with you.

Warframe: How To Get The Voidplume Pinion

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