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Hogwarts Legacy: Where To Find Fwoopers

Hogwarts Legacy: Where To Find Fwoopers The fields and forests that make up the Hogwarts Legacy environment are populated with fantastical creatures. You can save the critters you come across and employ them to acquire crucial supplies for your academic work. The Fwooper is one of the many creatures that inhabit the highlands that surround Hogwarts. Colorful and frequently spotted around trees, this critter is a bird that might be challenging to capture if you’re not careful. In Hogwarts Legacy, this guide will teach you where to find Fwoopers.

Locations of fwoopers in the Hogwarts Legacy

In Hogwarts Legacy, fwoopers aren’t the most unusual creatures. Fwoopers are significantly easier to catch than other animals in the game and are far more likely to be found in dens than unicorns. There are a fair amount of Fwooper dens throughout the game, and you can even find some of them as soon as you can capture and take care of animals.

Hogwarts Legacy: Where To Find Fwoopers

The first Fwooper den is located southwest of Keenbridge, south of Hogwarts Castle. This is the tunnel next to the river that flows south of Hogwarts. On the edge of the mountain is where the den is. If you have your broom unlocked, we advise utilising it to enter the area.

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Hogwarts Legacy: Where To Find Fwoopers

On the western edge of the map is where you’ll find the second den. This den is close to Feldcroft, which is where Sebastian first appears in the game when he travels there to meet his sister. The Rookwood Castle Floo Flame fast travel station is not far from the den.

Getting Fwoopers in the Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy: Where To Find Fwoopers

Compared to other early-game monsters, fwoopers are significantly simpler to catch. Of course, you’ll still need to use caution when attempting to catch one in case it escapes and you have to pursue it. To avoid seen, we advise casting the Disillusionment spell before entering the den. Before utilising the nab-sack, use the Arresto Momentum spell to slow one of the Fwoopers down. You should be able to simply capture the beast as a result.

Hogwarts Legacy: Where To Find Fwoopers

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