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Valheim: How To Defeat Seeker Soldiers

Valheim: How To Defeat Seeker Soldiers The Seeker Soldiers, a flightless beetle-like elite mob that can crush unwary adventurers with their massive mandibles or pierce them with their keen claws, are one of the most fearsome enemies you will encounter in Valheim. Also, the carapace that protects these enormous bugs is extraordinarily thick, which gives them a moderate level of resistance to blunt, piercing, and slash strikes. Despite their seeming toughness, Seeker Soldiers can still killed. The Queen, the Boss of the Mistlands, can summoned again with Seeker Soldier trophies. Which are awarded to players who successfully battle these monstrous beetles.

How to kill Seeker Soldiers in Valheim the best way

Valheim: How To Defeat Seeker Soldiers

As mentioned above, a Valheim Seeker Soldier is extremely difficult to defeat in close battle due to their resilience to physical strikes. Its tail or rear abdomen. On the other hand, does not have the same level of armour protection as the rest of its body. But, unless you are already moving covertly in the first place, it would be difficult to convince a Seeker Soldier to allow you to go behind it. Parrying is of course feasible, but it takes a lot of practise to successfully counterattack a large, agitated beetle. As a result, we advise you to employ magic or elemental assaults to combat Seeker Soldiers in Valheim.

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According to our experience, employing magic weapons like the Staff of Embers or elemental ranged assaults with a bow using fire, ice. Or poison arrows are the best ways to quickly dispatch Seeker Soldiers in Valheim. Although Eitr may be refilled, using a Staff of Embers or Staff of Frost may be less expensive. In our situation. We discovered a vantage position in an Infested Mine where the flightless Seeker Soldier could not reach us. And then we went on to easily kill them in Valheim with magic strikes. Even though it may seem uncourageous, this tactic works for individuals who are not as proficient at parrying.

Valheim: How To Defeat Seeker Soldiers

It should be noted that while Frostner and Mistwalker are effective weapons in Valheim against Seeker Soldiers. They still necessitate getting up close and personal with the monsters. We tried utilising the Dead Raiser to have our Skelett battle a Seeker Soldier for us. But the beetle dispatched the skeleton with ease. The Staff of Embers and Staff of Ice are the most effective tools for pursuing Seeker Soldiers as a result. If the enemy is within your line of sight, the Staff of Ice is the best weapon. On the other hand, if your positioning prevents you from striking your opponent directly. The scorching blasts from the Staff of Embers’ missiles offer significant AoE damage.

Valheim: How To Defeat Seeker Soldiers

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